The first meaning of the # symbol is the number. Most immediately, it represents the fact that there have been four on-campus suicides in the last sixteen months. It embodies the pain and suffering of students who feel like just a student number. The numbers and statistics are the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the mental health crisis on campus. The following numbers outline some numbers (least to greatest) in the last several days and months: 
0.1136% (rounded up and approximate): the equivalent of 0.1136% of the total amount the Boundless campaign raised is how much UofT claims to have invested in additional resources into counselling in the last 2 years (more below);
3 suicides: in the past 16 months occurred at the Bahen Centre for Information Technology (hereby Bahen);
4 suicides: in the past 16 months on-campus and reported;
 > 4 suicides: in the past 16 months if you wish to include those that occurred off-campus and were not reported, but were losses of life and losses to the community nonetheless. These are harder to keep track of because the university does not report on or publicly address these;
6-8 months: the amount of time some students have to wait for an appointment or even just to hear back from Health and Wellness services on campus, even if they indicate that they need urgent medical, psychological, or emotional support;
8 times: the number of times the University Mandated Leave of Absence has been evoked since the 
16 months (or more, if there have been more incidents in Bahen before our time as students): before the university installed temporary barriers in Bahen, despite immediate and continuous calls from students to make it a safer building after the initial suicide (in recent memory) in June of 2018;
41 hours (or less): the time that Bahen was closed after the suicide for the police investigation—the longest to date; also, the time that it took for the university to put up temporary barriers after Friday’s suicide on the 4th-8th floor of Bahen before they reopened the building at 11am on Sunday, September 29th;
50 minutes: the time it took for organizers of the UTMHPC to organize a community emergency mental health meeting on campus after the initial message from a member alerting the others to the suicide (n.b.: The Mental Health Policy Council Facebook page had not been created yet, hence the event was created by another page). Eyewitness reports say that it was another suicide;
64 minutes: the time from when the UTMHPC became aware of the suicide to when the News Editor of The Varsity and the rest of its masthead to write and publish an article disseminating information about the death at the Bahen Centre—and also 14 minutes from when the emergency meeting began;
540 minutes (or less): the time between when the emergency meeting finally ended on September 28th at about 1am and the students present went home, and when students reconvened the morning after at 10am to continue the community healing and discussion. The meeting was only scheduled until 12:30pm, but students continued to meet until about 8:30pm.

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